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Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations


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(B) No pupil will be admitted to the school without all criteria being fulfilled.

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(C) For withdrawal of a student a WRITTEN APPLICATION signed by the person who has admitted the student must be given.

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(D) For withdrawal of a pupil from the school bus, the BUS PASS has to be surrendered.

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(E) To get a Transfer Certificate (T.C) Payment of Rs.700/- and all fees upto year ending (March) along with an APPLICATION should be submitted at least 7 days in advance. (also see above "C" & "D" ;k x vFkok ?k

¼M-½ Vh0lh0 ikus gsrq vkosnu&i= ds lkFk 󠄀700 dk 'kqYd vFkok ekpZ rd dk 'kqYd ,d LkIrkg iwoZ fo|ky; esa ns; gksxkA

Students must show Their I.D-Card for entry into the school Campus

1 Mobile Phones, Cameras, I-Pods, Fire Crackers and all other objectionable items are strictly forbidden inside the school campus.

2Students who have been absent on the previous day must bring to the Class Teacher / Principal / Vice-Principal/Manager a LETTER OF EXPLANATION from their parents.

3The names of students who remain absent without written notice for twenty consecutive working days shall be STRUCK OFF THE REGISTER. On their return to School, If readmitted, the admission fee (along with all outstanding dues) shall be charged.

4Students, are forbidden to leave the school premises or grounds during regular school hours without permission.

5Students, on their way to and from school are expected to deport themselves in a responsible manner.

6The cost of any kind of damage done to the school property must be borne by the parents of the student responsible. All responsible care is taken of the property and possession of the pupils, but the School Authorities do not hold themselves responsible in any and all circumstances for any loss or damage or otherwise in this connection.

7Parents are expected to co-operate in the work of the school, by enforcing regularity and discipline, by showing interest in their children’s progress and by extending the fullest encouragement to participation in Co-curricular activities.

8Fee must be paid by the 10th of each month failing which a fine will be charged (see school Note section under fee column).

9In all matters pertaining to the student & enquiries regarding the same the school shall only speak to the genuine parents whereas other relatives / friends do not reserve the right of information or an answer from us.

10Until and unless the signature on the admission form / authorization pass tallies with the signature on the application, the School will not act, grant or evaluate any such application.

11The School does not hold itself responsible for the children once outside the school campus or One Hour after dismissal. Hence Parents/Guardians/should make it their duty to be present at the time of dismissal.

12Parents must show the Authorisation Pass issued by the school for Entry into the school campus (for Security Reasons)

13All students are supposed to have at least 80% attendance during a scholastic year.

14Students who do not come with the following will not be allowed to attend their class.






15Parent-Teachers’ Meetings (PTM’s) are held on EVERY 4th SATURDAY of the month which parents MUST attend.

16All notice from the school regarding activities / examination / holidays /result distribution etc. are regularly sent through SMS ALERTS hence please UPDATE YOUR PHONE NUMBER at the school whenever you change your phone number.

17Parents are expected to be present on the day of DISTRIBUTION OF THE REPORT CARDS or these will not be DISTRIBUTED AFTER THE DUE DATE OR TIME.

18Exam dates are notified well in Advance, thus dates cannot be changed. Further Exam/Test once held cannot be held specifically for any student again.

19Please do not allow your child to take tuition from their school Teachers & Avoid giving them motorcycles as they are under aged.

20FIGHTING & CALLING OUTSIDERS to fight or thrash another student before or after school is PUNSIHABLE WITH T.C (No chance will be given or Explanation entertained).

21All students have to take part compulsorily in all activities of the school which are designed to launch every student into the future by building up their self-confidence and talents.

22English as well as Hindi has to be spoken in its purest form in the School Campus.

23Regular character building seminars and talks are part of our curriculum. Assembly and programmes are all conducted and managed by the students.

24Parents please make sure to check the School Diary for remarks and your Phones for Messages from the School on a daily basis so that your child does not feel harassed due to your laxity, as Rule for One is Rule for All in our institution. (In case of any kind of inability please feel free to write a letter of explanation or meet the Principal /Vice –Principal or Manger as we are there for you always-we work as a family and correspondence between us is surely required.) Because of the ‘MUTUAL RELATIONSHIP AND UNDERSTANDING OF YOURS AND US, WE can make OUR children achieve all success in life.


26If the I-Card of a student is taken away by the office, then He/She will not be allowed into the School Campus. For recovery of the I-Card, Parent alongwith the Student will have to meet the Principal.

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