Detail of fee structure

Detail of fee structure

Admission Fee (One Time) 8000/- (Std. 1 to Std. VII)
13,000/- (Std. VIII to IX)
Development Charge (Per Year) 1500/-
Tuition Fee (Monthly) 1400/- × 12 Months (Std. 1 to VI)
1900/- × 12 Months (Std. VII to X)
Computer Fee 200/- Per Month
Term Fee (Quarterly) 400/- (×4, Payable in April, July, Oct. , Jan.)
Library & Audio -Visual Fee (Per Year) 400/-
Laboratory Charges (Per Year) 400/-
Exam Fee 300/- (×2) Sep. & March
(ix) Laboratory Charges 250/- (yealy)
(x) Late File 5/- per days
SMS Alert Charge (Per Year) 400/- (PER CHILD)
LATE FINE After 10th 5/- Per day 1st Month. 10/- Per day (2nd Month),

After the 2nd month the student will not be allowed inside the school campus hence please do not send the child to school until all fees (at least 1 month’s) is cleared.

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Note: If re-Admitted Admission fee along with all previous dues must be paid.

• All fees must be paid before any examination else a student will not be allowed to appear in the examination.

• Avoid sending the school fees through the hands of small children.

• Fee will not be accepted without the fee card/slip.