About Us....

We the founders of this institution have our aims and commitments clearly marked out and shall strive towards achieving the same with of course, the co-operation of all our parents and teachers.

Aims & Objectivies :
We will strive to impart knowledge to our students through the medium of English with an equal stress on our Mother tounge Hindi. Values such as Courage, Truth and Humanities in all its aspects will be instilled. Our students shall learn to love their country and be true citizens. The school shall strive to develop in the students the spirited oneness, respect for all, mutual trust and friendship. Discipline being an integral part in the development of children during the formative years is a must.

Our Curriculum :
The school follows the C.B.S.E. pattern of education . We also include the Experience of our mentor’s who have teaching experience of over 35 yrs. The school will develop the child’s intellect, such as concentration, clearness and accuracy. Moral qualities will be developed to form the character. Though the medium of teaching is English, Hindi will be stressed on in every class.

Why Choose Student Patmer School ?

Because its well managed, has a good teaching environment, its affortable.